BEGA UniLink®

Garden illumination that adapts to your garden

No groundwork, no elaborate electrical installation.

BEGA UniLink® is the new way to illuminate your garden. All you need to create effective and stylish scenarios in your garden at a professional level is a free outdoor socket and BEGA UniLink®.

Just plug in and position the luminaires and you’re good to go. Permanently install a professional, weatherproof system without the need for costly and time-consuming underground cabling. In the quality and design you expect from BEGA.

With BEGA UniLink®, it’s your choice: opt for simple control of all your luminaires via central switching (for example, with a classic light switch or clock timer) or individual control of the small-format BEGA UniLink® Play floodlights and garden luminaires – for example, using the BEGA Smart app.

Simple, flexible, versatile

Your garden grows and changes – BEGA UniLink® stays flexible. Your garden needs situational lighting, for example for an event – BEGA UniLink® remains flexible. With an impressive level of performance otherwise only seen in permanently installed systems. Not to mention permanently safe and durable in any weather thanks to the waterproof and dust-tight IP 67 standard.

For those who like to take matters into their own hands

Thanks to the sophisticated distribution box system, you can connect up to five UniLink luminaires to a single power connection and position each individual luminaire freely in the garden within a radius of up to 50 metres. Distribution boxes can also be used to connect additional luminaires. This allows you to react to any situation in the blink of an eye and reposition the luminaires as you see fit.

DIY professional illumination Plug in and get started – it’s never been simpler and faster to introduce professional illumination into your garden. Watering flowers takes more effort.

Your garden grows, UniLink grows along with it With BEGA UniLink®, you can adapt the illumination flexibly to every new situation and every change in your garden. Only nature itself is this adaptable.

The advantage of safety Safe illumination technology even in wet conditions. Thanks to the IP 67 standard, BEGA UniLink® is weatherproof and durable all year round.

Typically BEGA BEGA UniLink® means: simple, flexible, efficient, safe. And as usual, the highest standards of quality and design.

Ready immediately

All you need is a free outdoor socket

Low impact on the garden

No need for costly earth and foundation works

Powerful light output

UniLink luminaires offer just as much light power as permanently installed luminaires of the same output class

Outdoor safety

The IP 67 plug connectors are safe and weatherproof

Cost saving

Expensive earthworks become superfluous, as do costly electrical installations

Do it yourself

Easy installation – without electrical expertise

Full flexibility

Each luminaire can be repositioned at any time

Ready for further expansion

The diverse product range allows you to add illumination wherever you need it

BEGA quality and design

Processing, durability and style as you would expect from BEGA

Energy efficiency and guarantee

High-end LED modules manufactured in-house ensure optimal energy efficiency and service life with a 20-year availability guarantee