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BEGA BugSaver ®
Eco-friendly illumination for the protection of nocturnal fauna

We have developed luminaires with BEGA BugSaver ® technology for efficient illumination in urban and natural environments.

This technology enhances the sense of security for inhabitants, while additionally protecting nocturnal animals.

A flexible colour temperature and light output allow the shielded light to blend into the environment at different times without affecting the natural balance. while still ensuring the safe illumination of the entire terrain as fundamental component of the overall lighting design.

A huge plus: our technology

  • For the protection of nocturnal animals, we switch the light up Amber colour to 3000 Kelvin

  • The significantly reduced blue light component of Amber light is less attractive to insects

  • An additional reduction of the light output during night-time hours enhances the effect

  • Less stray light also reduces unnecessary light pollution of the night sky

  • Flora and fauna experience less distraction

  • The technology is controlled Using BEGA BugSaver ® control devices or a superordinate DALI light controller

The perceived colour spectrum of insects and LED‑spectres in comparison – the blue light component around 440 nm is significantly reduced in Amber LEDs

Switch of colour temperatures and output reduction

Using the BEGA BugSaver ® control devices, the colour temperature of the luminaires can be switched from 3000 Kelvin to an Amber light colour with significantly reduced blue light component similar to a colour temperature of 1800 Kelvin. The light becomes significantly less attractive for insects. Another option is the simultaneous output reduction to a lesser light intensity.

Controlled switching during night-time hours The targeted control of colour temperature and light output during night-time hours ensures minimal impact on the biosphere of light-sensitive insects, while ensuring that the safety of passers-by will not be infringed upon.

Control of colour temperature and light output

The luminaires can be optionally controlled via the BEGA BugSaver ® control devices (where a simple, isolated solution is required) or via DALI DT8, integrated in an on-site light control solution.

BEGA BugSaver ® control devices

A choice of three BEGA BugSaver ® control devices are available for switching the colour temperature with simultaneous output reduction. Control can be effected via control phase or with the help of a virtual midnight calculation. The control devices safeguard the power supply for up to 9 BEGA BugSaver ® luminaires. No other components will be required.

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Integration in DALI light control systems

Luminaires with our technology BEGA BugSaver ® are easily integrated into intelligent control systems (DALI DT8). These allow for a needs-oriented and eco-friendly use of lighting systems:

  • output reduction or switch off during night-time hours
  • use of motion and/or dusk sensors

The easiest, most cost-effective solution for implementing light control anywhere and independent of any existing IP infrastructure, is BEGA Connect. The light management system makes the most of the flexibility of our BEGA BugSaver ® technology.

Switching and output reduction options can, for example, be adapted to the highly variable security requirements during different times of the year. During spring and summer in particular, a favourable biosphere and the increased activity of nocturnal fauna are important factors to consider. The need for efficient illumination and the consideration of ecological aspects must be balanced appropriately.

During autumn and winter, when the days grow shorter, people will require longer illumination times for reassurance and a feeling of safety. The annual and lifecycle of nocturnal fauna allows for the extension of light use in human habitats during a time, when the activity of such fauna is significantly less intense.

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Standard-compliant street and footpath illumination in the light colour Amber

The implementation of the light colour Amber for the protection of nocturnal fauna is compliant with the standards for street and footpath illumination in accordance with DIN EN 13201:2015. The degree of illuminance and light density on the effective area is nearly identical for both light colours. The same applies for the required spacing of the luminaires.

Standard-compliant street and footpath illumination

Street section illuminated with the light colour 3000 K

Street section illuminated with the light colour Amber (similar to 1800 K)

Luminaires with BEGA BugSaver ® technology